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“There is  fiction in the space between you and me, … write the word and make me believe there’s true in the space between you and me”. It is the lirics to a beautifull song, one of my favorites songs!

Anyway lads, I woke up like that this morning. Now I’m lying in my bed trying to write you something, my computer is it on my chest, this position it isn’t comfortable but all my body can rest, except my hands.

This weekend I was very busy; meeting different people, working and learning new things like capoira. It is such interesting thing! I was practicing last day for a long time, is so hard but definetly I want keep practicing the few tips that I learned. Really I think brasilian people are pretty good warriors, capoira is a curious fighting system. Every day I find a lot of incentives and sometimes my days haven’t enought hours to do everithing I want.

For example, yesterday I was talking with a boy from Nepal, he explained me a little about the refugees situation in Australia. I didn’t get it everything, he was talking too much quick and I wanted break in him, so I’ve just tried to follow the conversation and to remember the important information. The thing is, the government of Australia hosts refugees from differents countrys around, be a refugee mean that your life is in dangerous in your own country so you have to immigrate to get a new change to live. Ok, apparently anyone is agree with the way the australian government is doing that. Many of the refugees can not to acces to the minimun welfare when they arrive here and they can’t to work because of the legal situation, so probably they start again to live in a chain of charity, and sorry guys but in my opinion that’s not a good thing cause that make you depends to something and the objective should be just the opposite, make you an autonomous person.

I have a lot of questions, for example; The australian government have a concrete assistance program to the refugges? I think so, but what kind of programs?, which condicions they are?

If that is an iniciative to the Government why they don’t be abailable refugees to work?

Could be the problem something conected with the legal situation which come most of the refugges? so now we are talking about ilegal inmigration.

I made a mess, but probably I will resarch a little more about this topic. You know what?, two months ago I was waiting to acroos the street when suddenly one men started to speak with me, we went to take a coffee and we were talking a lot. He told me that he was a refugees from Iran? Irak?, sorry guys I can’t remember where is he from, but in these moment when a knew him I didn’t realise what he was talking me… now he is pretty friend of mine, when he come back to his holidays I will make him almost an interview! He is such entusiastic person so I think he will enjoy with my questions!

Another day I will talk you something about the aboriginal people… another interesting topic about Australia.


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Try to imagine all the things you know so far and that probably make you confortable in your life suddenly disappearing. Your house with all your stuff including your mobile, clothes and furniture. The roads and transportation: no cars, no planes, no buses. Remove all the buildings, the cities and all tecnology: no internet, no computer of course, no electricity. The world returns to its original state with only the essentials. I think you know what they are.

Try to put yourself in this context and then watch what are your first thoughts and your first feelings if you are interesting you can invent a story, could be fun. I bet you are sorprised about your ability to adapt.

This morning I woke up with this thought, I don’t know why! Maybe because if something like that happens, if I can’t communicate with all the people I love and if it is really difficult to see them again, I would hope these people know how much I love each of them. And when you actually love someone you only want to know that these people are happy and safe, that’s it. I’m not sure if you get me! Sometimes I explain myself as a closed book.

On the other hand, take it easy guys! if some of you love me, I will be happy and safe now, tomorrow and whenever. It is true that sometimes my mood changes, but I’m like a natural source of power, never ending! But please, do the same for me, yes? yes?

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Aishhh today I am feel really sad, and you know what?, when I’m feel sad my gaze changes. I see the white or black life, not too many colors, I can’t see green, red, orange, purple or whatever color you can imagine. And, in that view I become more romantic, poetic reflexive and of course, sensitive.

Sometimes seems that I always feel happy and glad, but came on lads! Do not be ingenuous! Anyone can be happy and cherful all the time! let me tell you an obvious secret: People who seems or is more happy, sometimes they are more sensitive to become sad.

On the other hand and about happiness, do you know what I think? Actually is so easy to be happy! Good news!. Some people think that happiness is something to get in the future, something to follow, “when I get to this working position”, “I will be happy when I buy this motorbike”. You can think more examples like these.

Came on! You have to fight a lot to getting be happy! That not make sense!! I am so sorry guys, but nowadays my experience tell me that is so contradictory! I think society has idealized the concept happiness, they would have us believe happiness complete is something really complex and misterious and that happiness depends of the succes of your goals. Are you familiarized with these ideas?. Yes, I think so, me too, I grew up in the same world as you! hahaha

But so far, I feel so satisfied with my life. I could die right now and I would die happy. What about you? Try to be honest and loving yourself, that my advice!

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One of my favorites place in Melbourne is Abbotsford Park.

I hate this two words for their pronunciation, specialy Park, if you want that english people understand you and don’t be confuse, you should pronunciate the P of Park as an explosion in your mouth, is so fun! but be carefull sometimes you can spit around, trust me.

Anyway, I was talking about my favorite place in Melbourne. That place is amazing! Is a big park next to the river which across the city. There are a lot of trees, flowers, colors, fresh air, you can walk there and empty yourself of peace and feel emotions like gladness, gratefulness, curiosity and something else… There is a convent, a beatifull convent, that make the Park more romantic with an interesting atmosphere, do you know that before people built higher roof because they believed that could to attract the energy of the heaven to the earth? like the Egypt Piramides, the churches even the Palaces of the power kings. Really I think that have something of true. Ask now someone architect why they built higher buldings, I think the answer could be so different and maybe more conected with the greed. Our society has lost the authenticity, but not all people in the society.

Yesterday night I was there, in Abbostford Park, I usually meet there with a lot of friends but yesterday was specialy, some guys started to play music, they didn’t know before each other and really, seemed that they’ve been playing all the life together! One of they was from Bostom or some place from EEUU and was playing the citar, an indian instrument. The other two were from Australia and they were playing Yembe. I was so impress for all the differents ways that you can make sound with the yembe!

That combination of sounds was magic and for sure, the hands of this guys were the tool. I was so grateful with they. Life is awesome! Ousom in english pronuntiation and spanish spealling.

Ahhhhhhh!!!! I almost die of emotion. All my readers know that is possible die of emotion.

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Today I did my writting test. Every week we have a test in our school about the differents english skills like listening, speaking, grammar, reading and writting. Really, choose that school was one of the best choices. You have to know that nowdays I’m in another level english, Intermediate! Came on Maria! (I had to change my name to my first name, Maria. English people have some troubles to pronounce Rocio. At begining was a little weird because I was not accustomed to hear people call me Maria, but now is ok). And what else I would like to explain you… ah! yes! the teachers in this school are such amazing, I`m so impress about that and I think the training manager is the responsible. This sir was who put me the first day in Elementary class so at the beggining I hated him a little bit, but then I understood why he did that. I´´ve observed him a little bit, sometimes he do an extra class on thursday, I think he doesn`t have too much time to teach, he has another kind of job in the school, but uuaauuhh! when you are in his class you can feel that he loves teach, seriously, he has a great energy, he connect with the students very fast, he seems passional and really fun and almost always he’s smalling, and for sure, he knows what kind of teacher want in the school and he does a awesome work! And now, lets me confess you something that probably you know yet: I fall in love about 2, 3 even 4 ways per day, really I don´t know what it happening with myself, but that make me happy and so excited! sometimes is a song, an action in the street, a view, a word,… if you can feel the lovely of the life you will fall in love every day as the first time, “todos los dias me enamoro como si fuéra la primera vez”, its so poetic.

Of course in that moment I’m in love, my new teacher have an hipnotic voice, his eyes seems plenty of dreams, wishes and humility. I think he is such interesting person and a really good teacher. He always try to do his best. I love these features about people so probably I love him. But don’t get confuse, admire someone is a kind of love. Sometimes people get scare when they hear Love. Why? Is it love a tabu?

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Ahhh tremendo bajon el de hoy.

Ayer tube una entrevista de trabajo, salí feliz de ella, la señora me parecio taaan amable! esta semana me dediqué a reunir los papeles que me pedian, referencias y cosas varias. Hoy abri mi mail y lei: “Unfortunately, your application have been unsuccessful in this instance”, me desean lo mejor en mi busqueda de empleo y hasta otra mariposa! De veras me pego duro! entre otras cosas porque se que mi ingles no esta a la altura, no pude entender todo el puñetero discurso que me dio la señora sobre la empresa, pero yo asentaba con la cabeza como si de castalleno se tratara, ahh ah, aahh ah, yep, yep, (aqui en Australia no se lleba el yes, se lleba el yep, corto y rapido, yep). Luego me hizo un par de preguntas sobre mi CV y las pude contestar todas bastante bien, peeeero me atranque en dos ocasiones con dos palabras que eran clave y no conocia, no las podia descifrar ni por contexto ni por ostias, me repitio unas 5 veces la frase y no habia manera… al final me bloquee y ya parecia que me estaba hablando en chino…

So, you can imagine how you feel yourself learning a new language, seems that you are not improving anything! like if you were in the bottom, beginning yet, after 2 months!!! Ooohh my God! Why? Its so difficult! Really I try to study every day a little bit. Ok almost every day.

Not always people can understand me, not always I can understand when the people is talking to me, and then… Do you want to know one important thing which influence so much in your teaching? ok, not one, two things! your moods and your confidence. Sometimes if I`m feel very happy and exited my English became more fluently, I am amazed with myself when I hear me speaking like that!

And opposite, when I,m feel a little sad or with a low mood my mind is blocked, I wonder, why are you here? What are your goals here in Australia? I have clear in my head the answer of this questions so I said myself; not became ambitious, if you keep your humility, you have everything!! If the ambition ends, happiness begins! and you know Rocio, if are happy and you feel welfare, you can do everything without tiring, therefore focus in your goals Rocio or Maria or whatever you want!!!

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ahh no, es que estoy felizzz de escribirles desde Melbourne, Australia! Hace dos semanas que llegue, un viaje interminable, tres dias de aviones y escalas, uno ya no sabe si es de dia, de noche, verano, invierno… o que cojones de hora es! pare en Roma, Abu Dhavi y Kuala Lumpur, cuando llegue a Melbourne a las 9 de la manana hora de aqui tenia unas ojeras importantes y un cansancio de la leche. Al llegar uno tiene lo que aqui llaman get lack, no tengo ni idea si se escribe asi, es una de esas palabras que he aprendido de oido, el caso es que el get lack es cuando tu cuerpo tiene que acostumbrarse a un nuevo horario de sueno, y en serio pensaba que era una tonteria pero los primeros dias es la ostia… cuando ves que llega la noche 2, 3, 4 y hasta 5 am, todos duermen y tu te irias a correr por toda la ciudad peero te tienes que mantener en la cama, la primera noche creo que dormi dos o tres horas como mucho, y durante el dia a partir de las 4 pm o de la tarde, te da un sueno que no lo puedes aguantar! empiezas a bostezar y no hay manera… y luego cuando vuelve a llegar la noche y toca dormir tu cuerpo te dice que si quieres caracoles! menuda lata los primeros dias! se va pasando poco a poco y en dos semanas ya estas adaptado.

Me he perdido unas cuantas veces, una de ellas ya habia empezado a plantearme la posibilidad de tener que dormir en cualquier rincon de la calle: 12 de la noche con el transporte publico cerrado caminando por los alrededores de Melbourne sin recordar muy bien el barrio donde vivo, con el movil seco de bateria y practicamente todo cerrado… creo que camine como dos horas hasta que me encontre con un buen samaritano que estaba haciendo running y con su mobil y mi ingles de supervivencia buscamos la calle donde vivia, fue muy gracioso porque yo no sabia como se escribia el nombre de mi calle y tampoco pronunciaba bien la palabra… en fin que les voy a contar! si no manejas bien el idioma que se habla en un lugar tooodooo se complica mas, peeeero tambien se vuelve mas divertido, estas en un constante juego de agudeza, percepcion, atencion, las circunstancias ponen a prueba tu estado de animo y hay que hecharle cara y ganas al asunto pero creo que si en general eres una persona optimista, constante y… yo no soy muy valiente la verdad, pero atrevida soy un rato!

ahhh en serio me lo estoy pasando pipaaa!! es que estoy mas flipada que la mierda macho! he conocido a un cojon de gente de todas partes, en la escuela donde estudio ingles hay como unas 25 o 30 nacionalidades diferentes nos dijeron, lo cual me encanta! En clase me llebo super bien con mis companeras japonesas aunque son muy diferentes a mi culturalmente, mas bien discretas, hablan asi como flojito y creo que ellas piensan que los demas gritamos, creo que no estan muy acostumbrados a saludarse con dos besos o abrazarse ni tocarse mucho, pero son suuper amigables y siempre sonrientes, luego tengo a dos senores tailandeses encantadores, son muuy educados y amigables tambien, cada vez que los saludas o les dices algo inclinan la cabeza…., aaahh es para fliparlo que pelotas les voy a explicar! me apepina la vida! companeros de corea, china, colombianos, chilenos, brasilenos, rusos, republica checa, italianos, de la India, franceses, macedonios, yo quee see! hay una mezclaa que esto es una puta locura! y todos metidos en el mismo ajo con el ingles! aahh jajaja por cierto, estoy en el nivel elementary, el mas bajo de la escuela! jajajajaja igual mejoro minuto a minuto, de hecho la proxima semana subo, pero uuhhhhh a veces mi cabeza quiere estallar! comunicarme en ingles es tan lento para mi ahoraa!

Y bueno, con esto y un ocho como un bizcocho me despido, me piro vampiro a mi cueva la de las luciernagas, no! mejor a la cienaga de las luciernagas! voy a trepar un muro a lo espiderman y balancearme por lianas como Tarzan! por cierto ya les he dicho que en este momento estan leyendo a una flipada?! se me esta permitido decir lo que me venga en ganaaaaaa

ahh! disculpen pero este ordenador no tiene N de EspaNa y tampoco se donde estan los acentos, asi que tendre mas faltas de ortografia de lo habitual!

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